Sunday, October 9, 2016

Fact Checkers--"How to Order Thai Food"

This week, Skylar Westerdahl worked with to analyse a recent post by Eli McCann on the blog These are the results of that finding.

Claim: "First, why are you sharing all of this personal information? Homegirl is not interested in why you want take-out."

Findings: Mostly False -- Skylar does NOT overshare! Skylar DOES share the right amount to leave a lasting and deeply personal connection with those he meets.
Claim: "Second, you don't need to explain the concept of take-out to them like it's a brand new idea that you came up for restaurants and you are letting them in on the ground level of your innovation."

Findings: Mostly False -- I don't remember saying this, so I don't think it should count against me. Plus, Bill Clinton has said much worse on the golf course! 
Claim: "You sound like someone who has never spoken to other humans. You order the bundle of things, and then explain the caveats. It's more efficient this way."

Findings: Pants-on-fire False -- the linear method is the most effective way to ensure people understand and acknowledge your order. It's basically un-Christian AND un-American to disagree with this statement.
Claim:  You are just like your mother! 

Findings: Ok, so Eli(ar) never actually said this, but I think it was definitely implied and while I acknowledge that my mother has a tendency to overshare details of her life (which, by the way, I am sure a lot of people would be interested in anyway, spanning periods of poverty, family deaths, an often challenging set of children, all while she remained a perfect and wonderful woman who I am PROUD to call my mother. Oh and one time, she met Tanya Harding at the local Fred Meyer in Vancouver, WA and she said that while they would never be friends or anything, she really isn't as bad as the media makes her out to be, which is QUITE interesting in my opinion) SKYLAR IS DEFINITELY NOT LIKE HIS MOTHER!